5 basic steps to attract and target the target audience with valuable and effective content

5 basic steps to attract and target the target audience with valuable and effective content

Today, many companies and brands in global markets rely on content marketing. So that it attaches great importance to the process of producing educational or educational content and publishing it in the blog section of the website or online store, and through social networks.

Although marketing based on content is a process that requires a somewhat long time to achieve results, it is a distinctive means that achieve results that sometimes paid promotional campaigns may not achieve.
Here are five basic steps to building a content marketing strategy to achieve results and distinguish the company or brand from others by providing the benefit to the customer first before looking for benefit.

Define marketing goals:

Before creating any promotional campaign, the marketer must first know the marketing objectives that are expected to be achieved or desired from that campaign. The same applies to content marketing. It is the same as an integrated promotional campaign, but it can be considered a long-term marketing campaign, and this does not exempt it from achieving specific results.

So first, before you develop a content marketing strategy, you must define the goals that you want to achieve and set them as the main pillars of that strategy. Perhaps your goal is to achieve sales, and this is a somewhat general goal, and it could be to collect specific data about customers or potential customers, or increase the number of subscribers to your mailing list, or just to introduce your brand … to other marketing goals.

Know your target audience well:

Before you go to any other step, especially the steps related to content preparation, you must first study the target audience. During this study, you will be able to define the buyer persona, so that you have a general idea about the type of people who will reach your content, how that content will be, and in what way you will create its content … etc. in order to finally come out with high-quality content that bears An additional value for the recipient and suits him in all respects.

Create an appropriate content plan:

The content plan will specifically include the details of content production and management. By developing an appropriate plan and implementing it, you will have implemented a large part of your general plan for content marketing. The content plan is developed based on the results reached in the previous step, where the target audience was studied. During this step, you must specify the type or types of content that will be prepared, how this will be done, where it will be published, and what steps will be taken to ensure that that content reaches the target destination.

Focus on Evergreen Content:

Evergreen Content: It is a specific type of content, one of its most important features is that it is suitable for all times and can be prepared and published today and republished next week, next month, or perhaps years from now. In order to produce permanent content, you should avoid focusing on news articles, and any content that you think will not contain any benefit after a specific time has passed since its production.

On the contrary, try to focus on content that will be valid for almost all time, or at least for a long time, because first you will be able to re-publish it every now and then and it will be an attractive material for people interested in the long run through search engines.

Measure and improve:

As is the case with your marketing campaigns via email or through a social network…, you must see and measure the results that your marketing campaign achieves with content. Including detailed results, and the main objectives achieved. It is recommended that you use tools dedicated to analyzing the results of content marketing campaigns and permanent improvement based on those results.

Certainly, do not expect to develop your content marketing strategy once and start implementing it forever. Rather, from time to time, depending on the results that have already been achieved, you will have to develop your strategy and change your work methods to suit the type of your activity and the personality of your ideal business.


Today, I can hardly find a website on the Internet except that I find among its sections the blog section where the content is published, and this, if anything, indicates that content marketing is an important and essential element among the constituent elements of the general marketing plan for any company or brand.


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